Snoop Puppy Pup!!

Snoop Puppy Pup!!

Sunday, October 31

Memories of Halloween Past

Earlier today while I was out and about running my normal list of Saturday errands, I happened to be waiting in line to checkout and overheard an interesting conversation that got me thinking. The women that were in front of me were talking about Halloween candy they loved and hated as children. They were taking a sugary trip down memory lane, talking of Bit of Honey's, Mary Jane's, Clark Bars and Necco Wafers. I giggled to myself thinking that I really didn't like any of those. I also started to remember the other odd things that found their way into my Loot Bag! Popcorn balls, pennies (wrapped in aluminum foil of all things), Starlight mints, candy canes (yes, really!) and other odd things. So here is my list of likes/dislikes for Halloween treats.

Likes: PB Cups, Nestle Crunch, Almond Joy, Hershey Kisses and Smarties.

Dislikes: Those taffy candies that were wrapped in Orange or Black wax paper that had PB in the middle (GROSS), Dum Dums, Starlight Mints and Tootsie Rolls.

I remember growing up my favorite house in the neighborhood to go to was Mrs. Eisenberg's. She was an elderly woman who left her front door open and had all the kids come in the living to get candy. The coolest part of going in was that she ALWAYS gave out full size candy bars! She also didn't mind if you came back more than once!

I also unfortunately remember getting pelted with eggs and covered in shaving cream!

Can't wait to see all the kiddos tomorrow out trick or treating!

Tuesday, September 23

Finally Found a Job!

Well finally after 3 months of searching . . . I found a job! Don't have my start date as of yet but I will post as soon as I have it. I guess I will have to put away the Bon-Bons and start recording my soaps since I am going to be re-entering the real world now. So psyched!